Real Estate Postcards Target Niche Markets

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Direct mail marketing has been around since 1872, when the first Montgomery Ward catalog was mailed. It revolutionized the marketing and sales industry, with followers like Lester Wunderman creating new tools like the magazine subscription card and the 800 toll free number for marketing purposes. Even during World War I, postcards were sent out by soldiers to their families, embroidered with silk mesh.

Today, millions of business postcards are sent out to people annually. These direct mail postcards may seem outdated by today’s high tech standards, but studies conducted by the Direct Marketing Association have found that response rates remain pretty high and much higher than email, with 3.40 percent compared to 0.12 for email. And these customized postcards are not just for the older segment of the population. Younger folks aged from 18 to 34 still like postcards too, according to studies, preferring them to online marketing.

For the real estate world, this means big business. Real estate postcards are sent out regularly to consumers showcasing stunning properties and including contact information on the real estate agents who have listed them. Through custom postcard printing, real estate postcards can be mailed virtually anywhere. Even better, these real estate postcards can be delivered to specific zip codes, neighborhoods and areas of a town. This form of postcard printing has helped spur more involvement in the business of sending out real estate postcards, since these pieces are specifically targeted to reach those consumers who are most likely to buy these properties.

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