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    Differences Between Modern and Traditional Toilets

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    Modern toilets

    Toilets do not seem like something that requires much consideration when looking into remodeling a home or fixing up a restaurant or office bathroom, do they? But the weird thing is that a toilet tends to be one of the main focal points when entering a bathroom, along with the shower and the sink of course, but still the toilet does matter if you are trying to catch an eye out of your bathrooms design.

    You normally would not think of toilet design being an innovative topic, but like everything else in a home or building, the toilet has gone through some changes too. Commercial toilets and home toilets have for a long time remained true to the traditional design, made from ceramics with a quiet gravity flush. The flushing aspect is important, and is the more complicated part of the toilet because it is the pa

    Landscaping Designs for Your Yard

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    Spokane landscape design

    For homeowners yard work and landscape design is part of the routine maintenance that goes along with being a property owner. Corporate property, government organizations and public parks are just a few of the places that also need landscaping. In cities like Spokane landscapers are available for hire for residential or corporate landscaping and landscape design help.

    When it comes to landscaping spokane residents have many options. There are several different companies and independent contractors available. Landscapers provide many different services. Lawn installation and lawn renovation, tree and shrub planting and removal, pruning and sprinkler installation are just