How to Use a Car Wheel Balancer Like a Pro

Technicians work with attention to detail and precision when using a car wheel balancer. This video explores the right and wrong ways to use a car wheel balancer. Read on to learn the steps.

Wheel Balancing Guide

Before you start, calibrate the wheel balancing machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Also, ensure you have the necessary tools to start the job, such as the wheel weights and mounting cones. Next, mount the wheel onto the balancer’s spindle using the appropriate tools and ensure it’s secure and firm.

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Then, enter the wheel’s data into the wheel balancer, such as the wheel dimensions. Now, you can start with static balancing. The wheel balancer will turn the wheel to detect any major imbalances. Once the machine stops, note the section and mark it as a heavy spot.

Place wheel weights on the machine on the opposite side of the heavy spot. Ensure you use the recommended type and size of wheel weights for your specific wheel and balancer. The weights should counterbalance the heavy spot. After placing the wheel weights, assess the wheel balancing again using static and dynamic techniques.

After you complete the wheel balancing, do a final check to confirm the wheel is properly balanced. Remove the wheel from the spindle and mount it on your vehicle. Lastly, ensure it’s torqued according to the manufacturer’s guide.

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