Why Buying From Small Business Can Go a Long Way for the Community

garden center

Small and local businesses, like your favorite garden center, are the backbone of the American economy. However, they often don’t get as much support as they should and can seriously run into financial issues. As a result, you need to understand the importance of buying from small and local teams whenever possible. Doing so can help your area stay financially strong year-round.

1. Supports Your Community

Are you someone who cares deeply about your community? Then try to support it by buying locally. Too many big-name corporations move into cities and towns and take over all the business. They aggressively try to run little companies out of operation and can greatly impact people you know, respect, and love. Shopping small helps support these companies and keep them strong.

2. Helps You Save Money

You might not realize it, but smaller businesses can save you money by providing fresher and more local products. For example, buying from a small garden center can help you get fresh and local plants at a lower price. Garden improvement is important for many homeowners because, according to The AA, it can increase the return on a home resale by 5-7%, which is a significant amount.

3. Funnels Cash Back Into the Area

Have you ever watched in sorrow as your favorite local businesses close? There’s a reason for that: too many people buy from big-name companies and let their small companies suffer. Instead of taking this step, shop with your favorite small businesses to keep your local economy stronger. It often has a ripple effect, as businesses will buy locally and support their area more effectively.

4. Reduces Waste

While those big-name companies in your area may seem great on the surface, they cause a lot of waste. They often have far too many products and create excessive pollution through long shipping lines. Working with small and local companies can reduce waste by working with a company that has a smaller line of products. Most will likely be locally sourced, too, reducing delivery waste.

These benefits make it smart to work with local businesses, such as a local garden center. By keeping your cash in small businesses, you help them stay strong and fight the good fight against major corporations.

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