Steps to Install Paint Protection Film

When installing paint protection film, the installer must be able to move the paint protection film on the installation to position the film correctly. Sprays can be placed on the surface to be covered before the film is applied. The solutions make it easier to move and position the film, and some sprays last longer than others, giving you more time to move the film into the correct position and smooth it out to eliminate wrinkles.

Often referred to as tack solutions or gels, the products come pre-mixed, or you can mix them yourself. The solutions are generally mixed with combinations of water and baby shampoo or isopropyl alcohol.

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Either way, it is essential to use the correct proportions when mixing the solutions, since they affect how well the solutions perform.

Many installers use tack solution as the last cleaning step before applying the paint protection film, and they spray tack solutions atop the film after applying it to the surface. The tack solution makes using your squeegee easier when smoothing out wrinkles in the paint protection film. The solutions are also affected by temperature. Lower-quality solutions can affect the time available to correctly position the paint protection film, especially in warmer climates, so it is important to do the work at the correct temperature and use quality solutions.


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