Installing Your Walltalker

Installing a walltalker is beneficial for anyone’s business or meeting room. a comprehensive process for effectively installing the walltalker, which is essentially a whiteboard. The initial step involves a thorough cleaning of the whiteboard, ensuring the removal of any lingering residue with the use of a knife. Subsequently, the walltalker is meticulously aligned against the whiteboard, and adhesive is applied using a squeegee, ensuring a secure and well-fitted attachment.

Video Source

To achieve a smooth and flawless application, the presenter emphasizes a section-by-section approach, addressing and adjusting any bubbles or creases that may appear during the installation. Following the successful application, additional steps include the addition of the markers, attachment of a hook and cloth, and the replacement of old erasers to complete the transformation.

The video emphasizes the versatility of the walltalker, asserting its effectiveness in resurfacing various board types beyond just whiteboards. You may find it necessary to get a professional to install your whiteboard. Not only is this good for schools and libraries, but also very important for a business-structured environment. This allows people to think freely and write down possible thoughts or equations without forgetting anything. The walltalker is especially beneficial to those who are visual learners. Once this piece is installed, productivity will surely skyrocket.

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