Why Is There Such a Big Platform for These 10 Jobs in Cities?

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City life seems more appealing as the world becomes increasingly urbanized. People from all walks of life determined to follow their dreams and make a name for themselves are drawn to cities. These massive human settlement areas are centers of innovation, creativity, and technological progress.

Thanks to the massive market, this thriving urban environment creates a big platform for certain jobs. This article will get to the heart of this fascinating phenomenon and show you the underlying forces that make these ten jobs in cities a big deal. Let’s get started.

1. Professional Movers

Cities have a big platform for professional movers. For instance, people working in cities often relocate because of job transfers, especially if working on short-term contracts. Also, people move in search of better living standards. So there is a constant need for moving services.

However, the complexity of city life makes moving hard. Many prefer to let pros pack, move, and unpack their things. You need help to move furniture and other oversized items through narrow hallways and staircases. For this reason, professional moving services are in demand to ensure the moving process is smooth and quick.

Everyone wants easy, time-saving solutions. So, people entrust you to ensure the move is smooth and their belongings are safe. Therefore, they can focus on other areas of relocation and personal lives. According to Forbes, you’ll rake in an average of $1,400 for a local move less than 100 miles.

2. Auto Body Technicians

Cities have more cars than anywhere else in the country. More people are buying cars for personal use and commuting to work. Logically, when more cars are on the road, there are also more crashes and collisions, albeit unwanted. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 13 car crashes happen every minute. There is a high number of people in need of auto body repair services like bumper repair, creating a big platform for auto body shops and technicians.

Remember, cars have become more complicated due to technological advancement. Modern cars have complicated computer systems, high-tech safety features, and lightweight materials, making fixes more technical and specialized. So, you must keep up with the newest car fixing methods and skills.

Additionally, cities tend to have more car stores, repair shops, and insurance companies, which need the services of skilled auto body technicians. These businesses deal with car repairs, insurance claims, and maintenance. You have a great chance of getting a job and making a career in places where the industry is doing well.

3. Cleaning Services

According to Statista, the United States cleaning services sector employs over three million individuals as a janitor and cleaners – excluding housekeeping cleaners. This statistic shows there is a massive demand for cleaning services. Businesses appreciate the importance of keeping their workplace clean.

Remember, cities are home to many businesses and headquarters of big corporations. These businesses outsource their cleaning needs to professional companies because they are convenient, efficient, and skilled. As a result, they create a big platform for professional cleaning jobs.

Moreover, city life’s fast pace and competition make people pay more attention to comfort and efficiency. People pay for services that save them time and effort, precisely what cleaning companies do. Professional cleaning services offer quick carpet, window, and deep cleaning services using specialized equipment and methods.

The rise of the sharing and gig economies has also helped the growth of city cleaning services. Also, many people living in cities are tech-savvy. You can connect easily and conveniently with clients using online platforms and mobile apps. They make cleaning services easy to book and more accessible.

4. City Planners

Initially, cities were characterized by noise and congestion. If you travel a lot, you’ll notice cities are gravitating towards creating clean and inviting spaces. Whether it’s zoning commercial landings, planning urban amenities like hospitals or developing urban infrastructure such as roads and sewerage systems, the demand for city planning services is rising.

Currently, climate change is the talk of the town. So, local governments are looking for city planners to make eco-friendly cities with smaller carbon footprints. These create a big platform to sell services and showcase your creativity.

City planners help make cities greener and ready to handle the challenges of the 21st century. They make neighborhoods easy to walk around, create effective public transportation systems and develop green buildings and spaces. There is an emphasis on using renewable energy and water-efficient solutions. For instance, an artificial turf floor doesn’t need water and isn’t susceptible to drought, mud or bacteria.

The need for city managers has also grown because the public is more interested in their city management. As people learn how urban development affects their quality of life, they want more open and inclusive planning methods for cities. City leaders and planners are working increasingly with local communities and asking for their ideas to make cities more welcoming and focused on people.

Luckily, advances in data analytics, AI, and smart city technologies give city planners powerful tools to develop complicated but efficient urban systems based on data. You can use real-time data to develop accurate and efficient urban plans and earn handsomely while on it. According to Zippia, the average salary of an urban planner in the US is $65000.

5. Event Management Services

People who live in cities today have busy schedules and many work obligations. It leaves them little time to plan and organize events independently. They look for easy and quick ways to handle their event needs, turning to professional event management services to help them. As a result, event management services have a big platform in the cities. The massive population only increases the demand for these services.

Also, events are no longer just social get-togethers. They are also a way for businesses and groups to increase brand awareness, connect with their audience, and achieve specific marketing goals. According to Zippia, 79% of marketers use events to increase sales. Event management companies are good at using these digital tools to make exciting and shareable events. It brings in more people and makes the event a success overall.

Modern events are getting more extensive and more complicated, so they need to be run perfectly by professionals. Whether at business conferences, product launches, weddings, or music festivals, you need careful planning, organizing, and execution to ensure attendees have a smooth time. Event management services have the skills and knowledge to handle all of the planning, from logistics and choosing the event venue to entertainment and food, ensuring the event remains memorable.

6. Electrical Services

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, from 2021 to 2031, electrician jobs are expected to grow by 7%, about as fast as the average for all jobs. You have a better chance of getting a job in the electrical sector in the city because most city dwellers depend on electricity, whether from renewable or alternative sources. Similarly, numerous city businesses use electric power. Skilled professionals to maintain, improve, and repair electrical infrastructure.

Technological advancements have also increased the demand for electricity services. You are more likely to hire a professional electrician to install, operate, and upgrade high-tech systems in smart homes and commercial properties. For instance, the Internet of Things requires connecting devices and appliances to share data. Therefore, there’s a greater need for skilled electricians to handle complicated installations and fix problems of IoT integration. You are likely to find complex technological needs in high-rise buildings of the cities, creating a big platform for skilled electricians.

7. Contractors

Many cities look like construction cities – new buildings and infrastructure are cropping up daily. The reason is that people have moved to cities for better living conditions, increasing the demand for infrastructure and buildings. To meet this need, contractors have stepped in with the knowledge and tools needed to build modern, functional facilities that meet the wants of city dwellers. You can rest assured of finding a job on a construction site in the city, whether you specialize in masonry or roofing.

The contractors in the construction sector are looking for experts versed in modern building techniques, especially in artistic elements, facades, and even designs that are good for the environment. The aim is to give buildings a bit of timelessness and aesthetic appeal, attracting clients who want useful facilities that look attractive. As cities transition to a more sustainable future, the need for contracters specializing in eco-friendly construction techniques keeps growing.

Some construction jobs like architecture and quantity surveyor require a degree from a recognized college and extensive experience. However, you can choose other well-paying but overlooked jobs that don’t require a college education. You only need certifications from relevant programs. Others allow you to learn on-site. For instance, you could work as an elevator technician or drywall technician. A tile setter can earn you $43000 annually in the US, per Indeed.

8. Exterminators

According to Arizona State University, pest problems are relatively more prevalent in urban areas. One of the reasons is urbanization inhibits natural pest control. Also, cities are desirable locations for pests like rats, cockroaches, and bed bugs because of the crowded living conditions, the abundance of waste food, and the spaces in buildings that create suitable shelter. Moreover, the urban heat island effect creates the ideal environment for pest proliferation.

For these reasons, there is a high demand for efficient pest control services to manage these infestations and provide a healthy and comfortable living environment for city people. Increased travel and trade across cities expanded the pest problem. Mice and insects can hitch rides on goods and luggage, introducing exotic species and new pest problems.

The pest control task demands the skills of qualified exterminators to identify and eliminate these new hazards. According to IBIS, pest control’s yearly sales have grown by 7.0% to $26.2 billion over the past five years, and they are expected to hit 1.7% in 2023, with a profit margin of 13.1%. This increase in sales reflects a rising reliance on expert exterminators to handle the developing pest issues in cities.

Additionally, environmental and public health concerns contribute to the rise in the popularity of exterminators. Bugs are dangerous to human health because they spread illnesses, taint food, and cause allergies. Now, professional exterminators use more targeted and environmentally friendly pest control techniques instead of the outdated application of toxic pesticides. The need for trustworthy pest control services in the cities creates a big platform for exterminator employment.

9. Real Estate Agents

The property market has grown more complex, competitive, and diverse as cities expand. This occurrence has forced buyers and sellers to seek expert advice to navigate the process efficiently. According to Forbes, in 2020, 87% of home buyers employed a real estate agent to close the deal. This data shows how much people appreciate and value real estate agents.

The demand for housing has surged due to cities’ rapid growth and development, giving consumers a vast selection of homes. However, choosing the ideal house that suits your needs and tastes can be challenging. To close this gap, real estate brokers step in, providing tailored services to assist clients in finding the best homes within their preferred area and price range. The city population gives real estate agents a big platform to showcase their products.

Furthermore, complex legal and financial issues are involved in real estate transactions. You can quickly feel overwhelmed by contract negotiations and complicated mortgage details. A realtor‘s knowledge and experience help safeguard and enlighten buyers and sellers throughout the transaction. Additionally, they offer insightful information on market trends, assisting you in making well-informed financial decisions.

10. Teachers

Cities’ population density has significantly increased as more people move to urban areas for better opportunities. The inflow of new people increases student enrollment, ultimately boosting the demand for tutors. In fact, parents are opting for homeschooling programs. Homeschooling is desirable in urban areas where families have hectic schedules and specialized educational needs.

Additionally, the value placed on extracurricular activities and personal growth has increased the need for teachers in urban areas. For example, music lessons have multiple advantages, such as cognitive growth, stress reduction, and enhanced creativity. As a result, there is an increase in the number of music teachers in these places. Here is the best part. A teacher in New York City earns an average of $80000. Good pay, right?

The allure of city living has created a fascinating phenomenon of providing a big platform for some jobs. Growing urbanization, technological advancement, and changing lifestyles are leading contributors to the increasing demand for specialized services that address the particular demands of city people. The market for these jobs is anticipated to stay strong as cities develop and draw more people looking for opportunities.

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