Whats the Process for Test Lab Relocations?

Moving a laboratory is totally different from moving a house or a retail store. Test lab relocations involve permits, decontamination and cleaning, packing, moving, unpacking, and recalibration of instruments. How do you begin?

Project Management

Planning a huge move takes time, so begin at least a year before the move. Get inventories, permits, and other documents before you do anything.

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Environmental Risk Assessment

The new space should be temperature-ready for any sensitive chemicals or bio samples. The report should include any risks of explosion.


Take a complete inventory of chemicals, tossing those that won’t be needed in the new lab. Transport your old lab to the new.


Clean and sterilize the new lab before moving already decontaminated equipment into it. Recalibrate the equipment, and you’re good to go.


An independent assessment of the readiness of the new lab should be done even before you unpack the first box. You need to know the temperatures, electrical systems, eyewash sinks, and phone and data lines are up and running. Your equipment should be checked for any damage due to transportation to the new lab.

Test lab relocations aren’t easy, especially with specialized equipment and hazardous materials. Professional lab movers can help.


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