Whats the Difference Between Walk-In Urgent Care and the ER?

If you have a nasty cold or have sprained your ankle, it’s a good idea to know where to go for treatment ahead of time. In this manner, you will receive the necessary treatment in good time. The video highlights the difference between walk-in urgent care and the ER.

Walk-in clinics are ideal for minor ailments and injuries, such as colds, coughs, strep throats, earaches, and allergies. Walk-in clinics have certified nurses or physician assistants and are usually open 24/7.

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Urgent care centers treat more serious matters such as sprained ankles, minor fractures, and deep cuts that need to be stitched. They have X-ray machines and offer laboratory services. Certified nurses and other licensed medical professionals also staff these centers.

Many minor emergencies can be handled between walk-in clinics and urgent care centers. However, if you’re experiencing intense chest pain, difficulty breathing, or bleeding that can’t be stopped, you need to be taken to the ER immediately. The ER has more medical specialists and equipment that can treat such serious issues.

Make a note of the locations near your home so that, in the event of an emergency, you’ll know where to go if you suffer from any form of illness or injury.


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