Memory Care Assisted Living or Nursing Home?

Handling a parent with Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease becomes more challenging as time passes. Eventually, you’ll need to decide whether to put them in a memory care assisted living facility or a nursing home. Not all have memory care units.

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The video explains both options.

Memory care units are made especially for such patients, with trained staff to cater to their specific needs. These places are secured to prevent patients from wandering around. The units are custom-made and designed to assist the patients, such as having a circular hallway to avoid dead ends, or colored carpets leading to different rooms of the facility.

Nursing homes are a better option if your loved one has other medical issues that need monitoring. They do not charge extra for memory care either. Medicaid will cover costs in a nursing home, but not in an assisted living facility.

You can initially choose an assisted living facility, and then eventually move your parent to a nursing home when they qualify for Medicaid, but remember that any transition can be challenging for such patients.

Look into the different options and choose one that will best suit your loved one, especially in terms of cost and facilities.

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