How Do Fire Protection Sprinklers Work?

On the YouTube channel, The Slow Mo Guys, in the video “How A Fire Sprinkler Works”, they discuss how they work in a home or building to put out a fire. When there is a fire in a house or building, the heat rises and sprinklers made of metal and glass are often installed in the ceiling. The heat rises and expands the glass in the nozzle and eventually the glass cracks, allowing the water to flow out of the nozzles installed. The glass in the nozzle will break at temperatures of 68 and higher, allowing the water to come out in a stream.

The fire protection sprinklers are like water sprinklers and the cascading water will put out a fire that starts in your home or building. Many customers have several nozzles installed in one room or throughout a building.

Video Source

These nozzles can cover a large area in the home or building. In the video, they use a blow torch to heat the nozzles up and break the glass to show how they work. Fire protection sprinklers are an excellent choice for offices, retail stores, restaurants, and homes to protect employees and customers from fires. There are many different types to choose from.


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