Are You Balding?

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Balding, particularly male pattern baldness, is a scary thing that many men face. However, thanks to improvement in hair loss prevention technology, losing your hair is no longer an unavoidable event. Catching hair loss early can help you retain your hair. This video gives some advice on identifying hair loss signs.

Every person sheds around 100 hairs a day. It’s normal hair loss that occurs to men and women. However, there are hormonal problems and more that can cause permanent hair loss. Identifying these telltale signs can prevent it.

The first thing to keep an eye on is the frontal hairline. Balding usually starts at the temples, or the edges of this frontal hairline. This is why some men develop what’s known as a widow’s peak.

The other major area that hair loss occurs in is the crown of your head. Your temples and the crown are the most susceptible to hair loss. Use a small handheld mirror to check the crown of your head for bald patches.

Don’t become obsessed with it, because stress can lead to balding, too. Checking every couple of weeks and taking photos from month to month can show any recession or growing bald spots.

For more information, check out the video in the link above.

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