How a Septic System Is Installed

Septic tank installations are complicated jobs that should be handled by professionals. If you are curious about what the process entails, watch the video for a guide on how to install a septic system.

You want to start by using an excavator to dig the hole where the tank is going to go.

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This alone is very dangerous and should only be done by someone who has experience with heavy machinery. When digging the hole, you want to make sure there is a downward slope. You want to make sure somebody is on site measuring the depth of the hole while it is being dug. The tank needs to be placed in the newly dug hole and a piping system will be put along the underground portion of the space. The septic lines will need to be installed to reach all appropriate locations.

Most septic tanks are extremely heavy so a heavy duty truck is required to drop it into its hole. This is also an extremely dangerous process that should only be handled by professionals. It needs to be done slowly and carefully to ensure the safety of not only the people on the job, but of the equipment also. The tank should easily fit in the hole that has been dug since the measurements should have all been taken beforehand.

It is nice to know how septic tank installations work, but you should not try them without the help of professionals.

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