Consider GSR Waivers to Save Money

If you live and work in a city, you may often take advantage of the different shipping services offered by various shipping companies in order to exchange items with your loved ones. And if you own a business, you may find doing so necessary to ensure your customers receive their products. Either way, you may not have considered taking advantage of GSR waivers before. These waivers are an opportunity to get back the money you spent on the shipping service if the package arrives late to its destination.

Video Source

In this video, you will learn about these waivers and how you can use them.

As the video explains, when thinking about GSR waivers, you must consider the guaranteed arrival date of the package. You can only claim the waiver if the package arrives later than this date and should not be confused with an estimated date of arrival. In order to get your refund, you must be aware that the package has arrived late and you must contact the shipping company because they will not take care of it for you. However, some of the companies might and you will need to know which companies do this.


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