Avoiding Roofing Scams

In this video, you will learn about roofs. Hiring a roofing contractor can be a daunting task. If it is your first time hiring a roofing contractor, it can be easy to fall into scams or hire the wrong person.

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Getting a few estimates is always a good idea. Watching this video could save you a lot of money. Highballing someone isn’t a good idea, but you also want to be profitable. There are a few different types of estimates. Checking a contractor’s credentials is so important. Get a few estimates, as mentioned above. Roofs are expensive and there is a price that comes with that. You should not be tempted by cheap estimates. You want to make sure when you are getting an estimate that they are detailed. If they are not detailed, it may be a scam. Obviously, things happen. However, you want the contractor to be descriptive. You want a tear-off, to inspect the wood condition, and to do a full tear-off. Without a descriptive estimate, there could be discrepancies in this. Ice and water shield is important. The type of shingling is important. Also- are they going to clean up the debris?

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