Avoiding the Dangers of a Worn Radiator Hose

Worm drive hose clamp

When it comes to their automobiles, few people give much thought to regular maintenance beyond occasional oil changes and maybe throwing on a new set of tires every couple years. It wouldn’t be surprising if purchasing $10.00 worth of gas and washing their windshields are all the “maintenance” that some people do.

The only exception to the above routine maintenance items are emergency repairs. Unless auto owners are mindful enough to get a tune up every two years or so, there are several relatively simple and inexpensive, yet crucial, replacements they are missing that could save them big bucks down the road.

Whether they do it or not, most car owners realize that their oil filters, air filters, and spark plugs must be change periodically to ensure optimum vehicle performance. But how many of them ever think about replacing their radiator hose clamps? Actually, how may people even know what radiator hose clamps are, let alone the purpose they serve?

According to the Know How section of the Napa Auto Parts website, every car owner show have their radiator hose clamps changed every 50,000. And since the replacement process only takes about 10 minutes, and only calls for a flat-head screwdriver and utility knife, many car owners could easily do the job themselves.

The reason that all car owners need to be mindful of the condition of their radiator hose clamps is because radiator hoses are necessary for keeping their engines form overheating. Since most of them are not heavy duty hose clamps, they will wear out sooner or later. In the event that small hose clamps degrade to the point that the radiator hose is not held into places, the consequences will eventually be a overheated engine that needs expensive repairs.

If you are not confident about taking care of your hose clamps yourself, taking your car in for a tune up every year or two is the next best option. Because any garage that does respectable work will check and replace your hose clamps if they are worn out. Whatever you decide make sure you know where they are so you can keep an eye on them yourself.

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