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Did you know that over three million miles of floss are bought every year in America? A children s dentist is an important part of a child’s healthy development. Every child needs to learn how to properly care for their teeth so that they can live a healthy life and so they will not lose teeth when they are older. A children s dentist can help them to learn how to care for their mouth so that it will stay clean and healthy throughout their lives.

In addition to giving basic pediatric dental care
, a children s dentist can teach children interesting things that make building good dental hygiene routines less unpleasant for them. For instance, some kinds of cheese, like Gouda, actually help to prevent tooth decay. Also, if taking care of their teeth ever seems unpleasant, ancient Romans and Greeks used crushed bones and shells, rather than toothpaste, to keep their teeth clean.

Cosmetic dental work can also be for children and adults. Two thirds of cosmetic dentistry patients are women, but as children’s adult teeth come in, they can use basic cosmetic dental procedures like braces and possibly whitening treatments. Americans spend around $1.4 billion every year on whitening treatments. A children s dentist can give children braces so that their adult teeth will be straight by the time that they are actually adults. Also, if their teeth are discolored for whatever reason, whitening treatments can help their teeth to be ready for adulthood so that they will not need to worry about cosmetic dental treatments quite as much when they are older. If they have lost a tooth, some children s dentists will also do dental implantation, or permanent tooth replacement, for them. Different mouths will need different services, but a normal dentist should be able to provide all the basic and cosmetic dental procedures that your children may need. More on this.

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