What’s in the Water You’re Drinking?

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Have you thought about the gross things that live in your water? The water you consume and bathe in everyday? There are almost 100 contaminants, including eColi, chlorine, lead, arsenic and more in the public water system. Unless you are filtering your water, those ugly contaminants are creeping into your life on a daily basis.

There are numerous household water filter system companies that make and distribute quality products for residential, commercial and industrial uses. Companies such as Pentek water filters, American Plumber water filter and Everpure water filters, specialize in filtration systems from drinking water to medical grade filters, all designed to remove unwanted bacteria and toxins and provide consumers the most pure water possible. A water filter from these companies is like no other and they ensure that customers notice a distinct difference in their water after the installation of the filter.

As consumers, we want to know what we are putting into our bodies and to what we exposing our skin. Bottled water, for some, is a necessity. Imagine being able to get the clean, purified water one gets from a bottle, straight from the tap. That is what the household water filter system can do for users. From the water you bathe in, to the water you cook with, each drop is as clean and filtered as possible using several different filtering methods.

The household water filter system can use absorption filters which include carbon, charcoal, and more, there are filter membranes that work to trap particles as they pass through and there are reverse osmosis filters that rely on the house’s water pressure to push water through a membrane. Lastly, there are ultra violet water filters for household water filter systems that work to kill bacteria and viruses. All of these types can be used for whole house water filter systems.

Some water filtration companies also offer industrial and commercial water filtration systems and filters that allow for clean water for everything from drinking water to water used for the purposes of manufacturing. This type of falter filtration features some of the most advanced water filters available because most companies do not want to jeopardize the manufacturing process with dirty, non purified water when the wrong water filter is used.

Being able to improve drinking water and cut bottled water expenses is the goal of most people who insist on household water filter systems. These systems allow for users to put a glass right up to the tap and get the best drinking water available. It tastes good and it smells like nothing (which is good) and with household water filter systems, the clean water flow is never ending. So, get the healthier life you’ve always wanted with the most environmentally friendly and body friendly water.

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6 responses to “What’s in the Water You’re Drinking?”

  1. It’s gross to think about what we put in our bodies and on our skin when we use dirty, unfiltered water from the tap. These water filtration systems have revolutionized the way we consume water.

  2. I don’t like to think about what I was putting in my body before I switched to a water filtration system. Now I feel good about what’s I’m drinking and putting on my body.

  3. I don’t like to think about what I was putting in my body before I switched to a water filtration system. Now I feel good about what’s I’m drinking and putting on my body.

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