How camouflage clothing has taken over fashion

Camo pants

Unlike Arctic foxes and hares, whose coats change color seasonally, humans must rely on camouflage clothing to blend into their surroundings.

Modern camouflage clothing first originated with the French during World War I. The idea stemmed from the advancement in technology of handheld weapons, such as rifles, which possessed more accuracy than its predecessors.

The increased use and progession of camo has resulted in various other innovative ways to disguise and conceal. Camouflage paint has been developed for military vehicles and textiles that reflect infrared, protecting them from enemies with night vision devices.

Aside from providing protection for military personnel, camouflage clothing has found its way into modern culture as a viable clothing option for civilians, as well.

Camo clothing has become a very popular choice for individuals that may live in a rural area, hunt, or enjoy country music. It has also become very common for people within these areas to use camo truck accessories, such as camo seat covers, to boast their prefrence in the military design.

The trend of camouflage clothing in modern day society has also found its way into fashion dedicated entirely for women. This camouflage incorporates the color pink, giving it added style and definition, setting it apart from the usual military issued camouflage clothing. Pink camouflage has become popular among women of all ages.

There really has become no limit to what may possess a camouflage pattern, as it has become acceptable for items such as bedding, baithing suits, purses, and even products for babies to be printed in camouflage colorings.

The fact that camouflage clothing has become acceptable for individuals not in the military may be surprising, as the style, developed to hide from potential enemies, serves no actual acting purpose in civilization.

Whether camouflauge clothing is used for fashion or for a dire need to hide and survive, the patterns, often forrest colored, have certain left an impression on modern day society.
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