Get Out and Do Something In Rochester!

Summer is here. That means Rochester New York events start popping up all the time. We shake off the snow, wake up, and find things to do in Rochester. There are so many events in Rochester every year that there is no excuse to complain. Recently The Amazing Spider Man 2 came to film in Rochester, not an official event, but it was a great sight to see.

I think the lilac festival and canal days are wonderful, well known events Rochester NY puts on. The lilacs smell so wonderful and the bands, while corny, can be fun and entertaining. There are so many things to do Rochester, so get out there and do it! Be proud of what what we have and experience all the thing to do Rochester.

Upcoming events are the Xerox Jazz Festival, PGA Championship, and Corn Hill Arts Festival. If you are not an festival person, go have a garbage plate with a tall, cold cup of loganberry. There are always things to do Rochester so get out there and do it! The things to do Rochester are nonstop and event filled. Go to the finger lakes for the wine with your significant other.

Still need things to do Rochester? Go with some buddies to Monroe Ave on a Friday or Saturday night to hang out at the bars and have a laugh or two. I love Rochester and all there is to see. Oh, the things to do Rochester, have some fun and enjoy yourself, enjoy family, enjoy friends! Read more blogs like this:

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