Are You Worried about the Contaminates in Your Drinking Water?

Bottleless water dispensers

The majority of people do not realize how many contaminates are in bottled water coolers and Tufts University recently found four times the limit of organisms allowed in bottled water coolers by the government. The good news is there are filtered water coolers on the market capable of removing contaminates from drinking water, such as fluoride, sulfate, nitrate, iron, copper and lead. Bottleless water coolers equipped with a filtration system will remove mercury, arsenic, silver and zinc as well. If you are looking for a bottleless water cooler, be sure to get familiar with the different types of filtration systems used for removing contaminants from drinking water.

Reverse osmosis, carbon filtration, ozone and ultraviolet techniques, are all sufficient for removing contaminants in your glass of water. Halsey Taylor, one of the inventors of the water fountain, lost his father to typhoid fever. The last thing you want to see is your kids suffering from some illness because of contaminated water. You can find a bottleless water cooler system easily online. Furthermore, there are companies specializing in installing a bottleless water dispenser in your home or office, complete with a filtration system that will prevent contaminants from ever reaching your glass of water. Be sure to look up information about point of use water cooler as well.

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