2010 Included 95 Countries With 1 Million Or More Web Users, Making An Anonymizer Very Important These Days

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Anonymous browsing for brand protection, competitive analysis and corporate privacy purposes are growing in popularity. Some data scraping tools will allow any other company in your market to learn what you were doing on the web. They may choose to emulate your successful steps, or choose to determine what you are doing and then cause problems by beating you to certain clients or customers. There was a study that was published by Carnegie Mellon University titled “Why Johnny Can’t Opt Out” in 2011 that discovered there were nine out of the top anti tracking systems available on the market today that had serious usability flaws.

That may not be a very confidence inspiring number for business owners to find an anonymizer. An anonymizer is a tool that will allow you to browse privately when your business relies on the web. Certain classes of malware have been created by exceptionally skilled and funded web users, typically through foreign agents, to break into secure networks out of political or economic motivations. These hazardous users come from all over the world, with the top 10 countries in 2000 accounting for 73 percent of web users, down to 60 percent by 2010 with 44 percent of web users living in Asia. While the use of an anonymizer is not a guarantee of corporate privacy, it can certainly help you delay issues from users that want to steal your brand identity or cause problems for your digital security.
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